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  1. I don't have all the foot pads. What can I do?

    The riser base kit provides 14 feet pads in total, 10 soft ones and 4 hard ones. If you don't have all of them, check the package first. They might have dropped out into the outer box. If you can't find them all, contact xTool after-sales services.
  1. I can't tighten a screw. What can I do?

    If a screw can't be tightened, you can screw the other screws first to fix the part in place and then try to tighten the screw. If it still can't be tightened, try using an electric screwdriver to increase the force acting on the screw. If the screw holes are not aligned, contact xTool after-sales services.
  1. I can't install the door panels. What can I do?

    Refer to the installation steps online. Check whether you assemble the left and right structures properly. If you assemble them in the wrong way, you can't find the holes in the right positions. When this happens, disassemble the structures and assemble them again.

In use

  1. The magnetic lock is hard to be unlocked by pressing it. What can I do?

    You can press to release the magnetic rod and rotate it counterclockwise to allow it to extend longer from the magnetic lock.
  1. How do I use the tape measure?

  1. When I use xTool P2 with the riser base, the distance of the material can't be automatically measured. What can I do?

You can try placing the baseplate one level higher or placing it upside down.
  1. When I use xTool P2 with the riser base, the processing results are poor. What can I do?

      Possible causes:
      (1) The material surface to be processed is out of focus.
      (2) The lens gets dirty.
      (3) The optical path deviates.
      (1) Check whether the material surface to be processed is too far away from the laser module. You can try placing the baseplate one level higher.
      (2) If the processing results are still poor, clean the lens.
      (3) Calibrate the optical path.
  1. The baseplate is too loose after being placed. What can I do?

    After being used for a long time, the baseplate may be deformed. You can contact xTool after-sales service to purchase a new one.
    If the baseplate is a new one, you can use something to keep it stable after placing it in the riser base.
  1. The machine shakes when processing a material. What can I do?

      Possible causes
      (1) The workbench where you place xTool P2 and the riser base is not flat.
      (2) The feet pads of the support corners are loose.
      (3) The screws, especially the ones that fit the corners and panels together, are loose.
      (1) Use something to make the workbench flat.
      (2) Press the foot pads down to ensure that they are installed in place.
      (3) Tighten the screws that fix the parts of the riser base together, especially those fit the corners and panels together.
  1. How do I determine the level to place the baseplate?

    The laser module of xTool P2 can move down a maximum of 50 mm below the reference plane (slat plane).
    Line a: bottom of the laser module
    Line c: the lowest the laser module can move down
    ac = 75 mm
    In practice, a material can be processed as long as you place the surface to be processed above line c. To ensure accurate distance measurement, you are advised to place the material surface to be processed close to the slat plane inside xTool P2. Alternatively, you can use the tape measure to determine the placement level. For details, see support.xtool.com/hc/en-us/articles/13280821588631.
  1. I want to engrave a large tombstone or granite. Can I place it on the baseplate?

    The riser base supports a maximum weight of 20 kg. If a material is heavier than 20 kg, you are advised to place it directly on the workbench or on something that will not be deformed easily, so that the baseplate is not deformed or damaged.

With the rotary attachment

  1. How do I process a cylinder with a diameter of 180 mm?

Remove the baseplate, and place the rotary attachment directly on the workbench.
  1. The distance measurement is not accurate. Why?
      Possible cause
      Interference of strong light or ambient light
      Block the machine from strong light or ambient light and perform distance measurement again.
  1. The laser module is stuck when I use the chuck mode. What can I do?

    You can try placing the baseplate one level lower. Ensure that the upper cover of the laser module is not loose or displaced.

With the conveyor feeder

  1. With the conveyor feeder installed, can I use the rotary attachment or place materials on the conveyor rails for processing?

    No, you can't. To use the rotary attachment or process materials in other modes, please remove the conveyor feeder first.
  2. Can I use the conveyor feeder without the riser base?

No, you can't. To install the conveyor feeder, you need to place xTool P2 on the riser base first.

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