Process Different Objects with xTool F1

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Process small-sized materials

Ensure that the removable baseplate is installed on the base, and place the material on the baseplate.


To cut the material, you are advised to place the triangular prism working panel on the baseplate first. Then, place the material on top of the triangular prism working panel.

Note: By using the triangular prism working panel, you can reduce the areas burned during material processing and protect the baseplate. Ensure that the triangular prisms lie towards the smoke outlet.


Process large-sized materials

Remove the removable baseplate, and place xTool F1 on the material to be processed.


Process materials with slopes

Remove the removable baseplate. Hold xTool F1 by its handle on the top and place it on the area to be processed.


Process cylindrical materials

You can use xTool F1 with the rotary attachment to process cylindrical materials.


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