Preparations Before Using xTool F1

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  1. Install the pipe.

Connect one end of the pipe to the smoke outlet of xTool F1. Then, place the other end of the pipe out of the window or connect it to a smoke purifier.


Warning: To exhaust smoke and prevent laser beams from leaking out, ensure that the pipe is properly installed during laser processing.

Note: If you need a desktop smoke purifier, purchase one and connect it to xTool F1 as instructed by the user manual.

  1. Connect xTool F1 to a power supply.


  1. Check xTool F1. Ensure that the emergency stop switch is not pressed, and the key is inserted properly.


  1. Lift the protective enclosure, and then remove the field lens protector.


  1. Turn on xTool F1, and wait until the knob indicator emits solid white light.



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