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This page describes only how to configure LightBurn to support xTool P2. No description is provided on how to use the design functions and how to set parameters on LightBurn.


  • Before you use LightBurn to operate xTool P2, ensure that xTool P2 is working properly. If the annular indicator lights up in red, it idicates that exceptions occur on the machine. When this happens, do not use LightBurn to operate xTool P2.
  • Currently, the configuration file is applicable only to Class 4 laser machines, and Class 1 laser machines are not supported yet.

Connect xTool P2 and complete device settings

  1. Download and install LightBurn

  1. Download the xTool_P2.lbdev configuration file and drag it to LightBurn to install it

xTool_P2.lbdev: xTool-P2_v10.lbdev

After the installation, you can find xTool P2 in Devices in the lower right corner.

  1. Connect xTool P2

Use the USB cable to connect xTool P2 to your computer, open LightBurn, and select xTool_P2 in Devices. If Ready is displayed on the right panel, xTool P2 is connected.

  1. Set the device

Click the Device Setting icon on the toolbar to open the device settings window. On the Basic Settings tab, disable all the items in Z control.


  1. Connect xTool P2 to LightBurn, select xTool_P2 in Devices, and check the parameter settings and positions of the elements to be processed
  2. Set the focal length

Enter the following command in the Start GCode text box on the GCode tab:


wherenindicates the distance between the nozzle and material surface.

Measure the distance between the nozzle and material surface (n) as follows:

Remove the front cover of the laser module, and measure the distance between the nozzle and material surface as follows.

The maximum distance supported is 75 mm.

For example, the distance between the upper surface of a basswood board and nozzle is 50 mm, n–3 is 50 – 3 = 47 (mm), and the command is G0Z47.

Remove the slats if the surface of the material to be processed is lower than the reference plane.

  1. Determine the coordinates

xTool P2 uses absolute coordinates, using the initial position of the laser module in the upper left corner as the origin (0,0).

The position where the design elements are placed in LightBurn needs to be consistent with the actual engraving position. You need to place the material at (0,0) and set Start From to Absolute Coords.

  1. Start processing

You can start, pause, or cancel a processing task on the control panel in the lower right corner.

The position where a design element is processed depends on where you place the material.

You are advised to test the processing function several times to figure out the relation between a position on the canvas and that on the material.

Currently, LightBurn supports only the flat material processing functions of xTool P2 and cannot obtain the images captured by the cameras of xTool P2. If you want to give full play to the functions of xTool P2, use xTool Creative Space (XCS).

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