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xTool F1 is the world's first laser engraver integrating a 2W 1064nm infrared laser with a 10W 455nm diode laser. It can engrave at a maximum speed of 4000mm/s, allowing you to finish a project in the blink of an eye.
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Industry-leading ultra-fast IR & diode laser engraver at hand for geeks, experienced laser enthusiasts, DIY hobbyists, and small business people to have the ultimate experience.

For DIY hobbyists

Bring your crafting ideas to life in a blink of an eye. That's what you can do with xTool F1. With its ability to engrave photos and designs on paper cards or metal jewelry, xTool F1 is perfect for laser starters who love to create. The machine is preassembled, and smart to use. Easy to operate but powerful in functionalities.

For Side Hustle

Time is profit. XTool F1 can reduce your engraving time from minutes down to seconds. Whether it's the engraving on wood, leather, or metal, xTool F1 is 10 times+ faster than your normal laser engraver. Also with the Live Preview and Retaining Frame, it can further boost your business productivity.

For Offline Shops Customization

Use xTool F1 to engrave unique signs for your customers, adding special memory to the merchandise. Your customers can choose what they want to engrave on your device and it can finish the engraving in seconds.

For Engraving Right on the Spot

With a small laser engraver as portable as xTool F1, you can bring it to the fair, party or anywhere you want to go. Safe and speedy, xTool F1 can perform engraving right before everyone, and generate no smoke or cause laser light harm. It will totally surprise people with its fast and precise engraving.
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Meet the xTool F1



The Fastest and Finest of Its Kind

Adopting a TURE Industrial-grade galvanometer system, xTool F1 guarantees an extraordinary laser performance.

Feel the True 4000mm/s Engraving Speed

The extremely-high engraving speed is achieved by the advanced Galvo technology.
By precisely rotating and adjusting the galvanometer's x-axis and y-axis mirrors at a high speed, the laser beam is deflected with various angles to the material.

See the 0.00199mm Engraving Accuracy

Metal-made with a sturdy structure and precise control of the moving laser beam, xTool F1 ensures high engraving accuracy. All the tiny details of the engraving can be shown clearly.

Intelligent Focus and Preview Design

Different from the time-consuming manual adjustment of traditional engravers, xTool F1 provides a more friendly and efficient way to set up the machine.


Live Engraving Preview

Preview the design at exactly the position where you are to engrave with the harmless high-speed light running.
*blue light in preview mode is not harmful to your eyes and body.


Auto and Manual Focus


Enter the material thickness in the software, and the laser head will automatically move to keep it in focus.
Turn the knob to adjust the height of the laser head to make sure the two red dots overlap.

Fully Protected to Engrave Everywhere

The fully enclosed cover locks the powerful laser lights and unpleasant smoke inside.
With a built-in fan and air purifier quickly extracting smoke and smell, you can engrave it in a private space or show it in public with peace of mind.


Rated Power
455 nm laser (10W) + 1064 nm laser (2W)
Product Size
179 mm * 235 mm * 334 mm
Product Weight
4.6 KG
Working Area
115mm x 115mm
Max. Processing Speed
Laser Spot Size
Diode: 0.08 * 0.06mm
Infrared: 0.03 * 0.03mm
Processing Height


Rotary Attachment

The rotary attachment is available in up to 4 rotary modes for different objects. Roller rotary, chuck rotary, sphere-engraving module, and ring-engraving stud, covering 90% of daily use scenarios.
RA Series RA1 RA2 RA2 Pro
RA1.png RA2.png
Workpiece Example
Baseball Bat, Ceramic Vase,
Tumbler, etc.
Irregular Cylinder, Mug, Wine Glass, etc.
Christmas Ball, Baseball, Golf Ball, etc.
Ring or Similar Objects

Coming Soon

Bigger Working Space


Apply high-speed engraving to more working space. Engrave on a keyboard, larger signs are possible now.

Clean Cutting Finish

Protect the bottom plate of xTool F1 from laser scratch and bring a cleaner and smoother cutting finish.


Want to find out the differences between M1 and other machines?
Check out the Machine Comparison page below for all the details you need~


Create from Inspiration

Satisfy all your creativities from start to advance, phone to laptop. The xTool F1 comes with FREE XCS software and is compatible with Lightburn.
Sftw-xcs.PNG Sftw-lb.PNG
With the smart image processing function and motion algorithm that works great with xTool laser engravers, XCS allows you to create your works in the most effective way.
Learn more on the product page: xTool Creative Space

Computer Requirement


  • With the minimum configurations, all the functions of XCS can be used properly. When you import a complex image, such as an image larger than 50,000,000 pixels or an SVG image larger than 1 MB, however, XCS may fail to run smoothly.
  • With the recommended configurations, XCS can run more smoothly when you import and edit a complex image, the software delay may be shorter, and the performance is better.


Engravable Materials

  • Diode Laser: Paper, Wood, Leather, MDF, Stainless steel, Some dark opaque acrylic, Bamboo, Fabric, Dark glass, Ceramic, Jade, Marble, Shale, Cement, Brick, Plated metal, and Painted metal.
  • 1064nm Infrared Laser: Metal, Plastic, Black Acrylic.
10W Blue Diode Laser
2W IR 1064 Laser


Cuttable Materials

  • Diode Laser: Paper, Wood, Leather, MDF, Felt, Some dark opaque acrylic
  • The 10W blue laser gives xTool F1 enough power to directly cut materials after engraving.
Up to 8mm Wood
Up to 5mm Acrylic


Different from the time-consuming manual adjustment of traditional engravers, XTool F1 provides a more friendly and efficient way to set up the machine.

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