How to Use the TF Card Offline Mode

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D1 and D1 Pro with XCS or Lightburn


Function Description

When you don't want to connect your computer to the machine and use only a TF card to process files, the offline processing function can be quite useful. To use this function, you need to save the G-code file to the TF card manually. You may use XCS or Lightburn to do so, depending on your preference.


Process with XCS

For this method, no TF card reader is required. One file can be uploaded at a time.

1. Connect the machine to your computer with Wi-Fi. Refer to this guide on how: Connect the Device Through Wi-Fi

2. Start a Processing Job on XCS. You will see that the file is being uploaded to the card.



3. Transfer the file to the card. When the progress bar reaches 100%, power off the machine and unplug the TF card. The Gcode file should be in the card now. Refer to this guide on how to view the file: Find the G-code File on the TF Card

4. Process the file under offline mode. Now you can plug the card into the machine, power it on, and wait for the indicator to be stable. Disconnect all the connections and press the start button. The machine will start to process.

Note: The framing function won't be available in the offline processing mode.


Process with Lightburn

For this method, a TF card reader is required. One file can be uploaded at a time.

1. Export the Gcode file from Lightburn. Launch the software, click on the Save Gcode button, and export the file to the desktop.


2. Rename the G-code file. The file saved from Lightburn has a different naming format. You need to rename the file to 'tmp.gcode' so the xTool laser machine can recognize it.


3. Modify the G-code content. Open the Gcode file with a note and add the $I commend in the line shown below. Save the file.


4. Transfer the file to the card. Get a TF card reader, insert the card, and connect the reader to your computer. Transfer the file to the card. Restart the machine.

5. Process the file under offline mode. Now you can disconnect the machine from Lightburn. Press the start button on the machine and it will process the file offline.



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