XCS Shows 'The Device Has Been Disconnected'

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This article applies to:

D1 and D1 Pro with all laser modules.


Issue Description

If the XCS software prompts that "the device has been disconnected" while the machine is running and the main board power indicator is blinking, refer to this document for troubleshooting.

#1  Check the Laser Module

  1. Unplug the laser module connection cable to disconnect it from the machine.
  2. Try with the same project file and see if this time it can complete the run.
  3. If it can, the laser module could be short-circuited. It needs to be replaced.
  4. If it still can't, please move on to the next step.


Note: To second confirm if the laser module is short-circuited, do the following:
  1. Get a multimeter and set it to buzzer mode.
  2. Place the needle probes on the GND and PWM pins on the laser module.
  3. If the buzzer goes off, the laser module is short-circuited.
image (15).png
Note: If the power adaptor is not compatible with the laser module, the machine will be disconnected from the software.

#5 Check the TF Card

  1. Change the connection method from Wi-Fi to USB cable.
  2. Try with the same project file and see if this time it can complete the run.
If yes, the TF card is faulty and needs to be replaced.

#6 Check the Software Operation

Note: Please avoid additional operations on XCS during the process, otherwise XCS may be disconnected.
  1. Make sure you don't run Lightburn software when XCS USE Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Make sure you don't change the device on XCS during processing.
  3. Make sure you don't minimize the XCS interface during processing.
  4. Make sure you don't press the buttons on XCS during processing.


#7 Check the USB Cable Connection

  1. Make sure the cable is connected properly at both ends.
  2. Make sure the cable is intact. Try another cable and see if it works.


#8 Check Other Appliance Connection

We do not recommend that you connect your laser machine and other high-power electrical appliances to the same circuit. It may lead to a large current and unstable power input. If you have already done so, please avoid turning on or off those appliances. If the issue persists, disconnect the high-power appliances and try again.

If None of the Above Works

If you have followed the instructions above and the issue is still not resolved, please read the article in the link below, collect the troubleshooting steps you have taken, and contact xTool tech support for further advice.


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