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What materials can be laser engraved/cut?

To be laser engraved or cut, materials need to absorb the light emitted from the laser. Depending on the materials, the absorption of laser power differs. The reason behind this is the wavelength of the laser machine. Different types of materials absorb the same wavelength differently, causing varied engraving/cutting performance. Check here for a complete list of materials for laser cutting/engraving.

What materials shouldn't be cut with a laser cutter?

Some materials shouldn't be engraved/cut as they will become very dangerous when engraving/cutting. Check here for a safety guide of materials for laser cutting/engraving.

Laser cutter settings for different materials?

How can I place a bulk order for materials?

We happily offer discounts for all occasions on large orders of over 30 units. Email material@xtool.com to begin the process! Note: Bulk orders incur bulk shipping rates and longer fulfillment times.

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