The Smoke Purifier Won't Work

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D1 and D1 Pro
Smoke Purifier

Issue Description

When you are using the smoke purifier, if you've connected the power cable and turned it on but it won't work, please refer to this article for troubleshooting.

#1 Check the Input Voltage

  1. Check the label on the purifier and make sure the input voltage suits your local supply voltage.
  2. If the voltage doesn't match, stop using it immediately and contact tech support for advice.

#2 Check the Power Cable

  1. Get a multimeter and test the power cable.
  2. If there is no voltage or it's not the same as the local voltage, please contact tech support for advice.

#3 Check the Fuse

  1. Take the fuse off the purifier and check if it's blown.
  2. Replace the fuse with a new one according to the below video.
    [Video] Replace the Fuse for the Smoke Purifier


If None of the Above Works

If you have followed the instructions above and the issue is still not resolved, please read the article in the link below, collect the troubleshooting steps you have taken, and contact xTool tech support for further advice.


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