The Air Pressure Drops Unexpectedly

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This article applies to:
D1 and D1 Pro
Air Assist

Issue Description

When you are using an Air Assist accessory, if you find that the airflow suddenly becomes very small, please refer to this article for troubleshooting.
You can also refer to this video:
Troubleshoot Air Assist Pressure Drop

#1 Check the Air Connector

Check if there is anything blocking the air connector. If so, clean the connector.

#2 Check the Connection Tube

Check if there is anything blocking the connection tube. If so, clean the tube.

#3 Check the Air Tube

Check if the tube is ruptured, and if so, replace the tube.

#4 Check the Air Pump

Check if the pump is damaged, and if so, replace the pump.

If None of the Above Works

If you have followed the instructions above and the issue is still not resolved, please read the article in the link below, collect the troubleshooting steps you have taken, and contact xTool tech support for further advice.


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