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Calibrating the M1 Auto-measure function would modify the system data once and for all and make it unrecoverable. If you are not sure whether your machine needs calibration, please contact xTool after-sales team at to make sure.

For scenarios where:

1. There is a significant error with the Auto-measure results in Laser-flat Mode.

2. Auto-measure failed (due to certain missing calibration file(s) ).

Items necessary:

1. Square piece*5pc, e.g. basswood (Thickness: 3mm, Size: 30mm-50mm, Color: not transparent or black)

2. A computer running Windows 10

Calibration Steps (video included):


Step 1. Download xTool M1-Automatic measurement calibration.rar and unzip it.

Step 2. Launch MaterialThickCalib.exe

Step 3. Turn on the M1, and connect it to your computer via the original USB cable, then click "连接"(Connect).

Step 4. Set "曝光度"(Exposure)to 5, and wait for the M1 fill lights to turn off (normally it takes 2 seconds). Make sure the red dot is clearly visible on your computer.

Step 5. Place one piece of the 3mm material on the baseplate, and make sure the red dot is in the center of the surface. Click the "标定" (Calibrate) for 3mm.

Step 6. Proceed with the rest part of the calibration for 6.0mm, 9.0mm, 12.0mm, and 15.0mm. Place two pieces of 3mm materials on the baseplate, one on top of the other, which makes the thickness 6, and click the "标定" (Calibrate) button for 6mm. Then three pieces for 9.0mm calibration, four pieces for 12.0mm calibration, and five pieces for 15.0mm calibration.

Step 7. Click "生成校准文件" (Generate calibration file) and wait for the calibration file to be generated. (Normally it would take about 3 seconds)

Step 8. Check if all of the five squares are crossed by the blue line. If yes, then move on to the next step; otherwise, we need to repeat the calibration steps above.

Step 9. Click "上传标定文件" (Upload calibration file) to upload the calibration file. Wait till the "上传标定文件" (Upload calibration file) button turns green which indicates a successful upload.

Step 10. Test Auto-measure accuracy in XCS.

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