[XCS] Check for Firmware Updates

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  • hi how can i downgrade a firmware im having issues with ligthburn and they recommend me to revert firmware to  V40.30.002.01B1.

    i did everything for configuration everything works good until finish engrave then my xtool d1 pro loses configuration and i need to send laser to home all the time it look like the laser dont now were its his location on software.. and after engrave any  proyect the laser lost position on software and the only way to let the laser now were its his position its returning the laser to home all the time, and after to do that cant uses "move button"  laser around

    ligthburn support say this..

    We've also had some users reporting issues with the latest xTool firmware, and you may get better results reverting to V40.30.002.01B1.


    please if you now any solution for this ....


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